Well, because it is not free.

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  • 5K units/day



  • 12K units/day



  • 25K units/day

Asked Question

What happens if all the units are not consumed on a certain day?

Every day the daily quota is reset to the fixed amount without any compounds.

What happens if an API call returns an error ?

In case of an error (either with status 400 or 500 ) there will not be any units charge.

Can concurrent requests be sent?

Our Cloud infrastracture is able to handle hundreds of requests together at the same time.

When is daily quota reset?

Everyday at 00.00 (midnight) Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)

Why using different weights for the APIs?

Since the computational complexity of an API call greatly varies depending on the query parameters, it is not possible to assign a fixed cost to each endpoint.

Can I have a different plan?

Should none of the listed solutions be well suited for your needs, we are happy to have a chat about it.